At a time when domestic markets are offering businesses few opportunities to generate growth, a natural course of action might be to expand into new geographies. But while the allure of tapping into new global growth markets might be strong, the reality of such a move can be daunting for many businesses. Grant Thornton's focus on international markets represents a unique insight into how businesses have grown internationally, what they have learned along the way and where they may be focusing in the future. Each of the sections below takes you through to insights, examples and advice that will help you in your own international journey.

A route to success – the international opportunity

UK businesses are increasingly looking to international markets to drive growth. We looked at the strategies of the 100 privately-owned UK businesses with the fastest-growing international sales to understand how they have done this successfully. The links below provide greater insight on this research:

Building business in BRIC nations

While the surging growth of the 2000s has slowed in the BRICs, they are still attractive markets for investment. However, understanding the risks and challenges of operating in these markets is key to unlocking their potential and tapping into their growth. The links below provide more insight on the opportunities and risks to assist you in your international expansion:

Global Dynamism Index 2012 – business growth fundamentals

To identify the most dynamic economies as places for businesses to flourish, we commissioned the Economist Intelligence Unit to research the business growth environments of 50 economies across five key areas: business operating environment, economics and growth, science and technology, labour and human capital, and financing environment. Below we provide the highlights of this report:

Case studies

We put five companies under the microscope to look closely at their own international expansion stories. One company has an international strategy from the outset, expanding into 40 countries in 14 years, another choses different approaches for different territories, while another overcomes a recruitment challenge. All have a different story to tell.

Our experts

Grant Thornton advise companies every day about their growth strategies, both domestic and international. A number of our experts give their advice from their experience and observations, on specific areas of specialism including tax and M&A.